Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Youth Pastor Encouragement - Why Do We Climb the Mountain?

In his book Leadership Gold, John Maxwell shares a really great story that should describe the feeling of every youth pastor for his students, their parents, and the volunteers that work with him.
Years ago I saw an interview with a guide on 60 Minutes. People had died while attempting to climb Mount Everest, and a surviving guide was asked, "Would the guides have died if they were not taking others with them to the top?"

"No," he answered, "but the purpose of the guide is to take people to the top."

Then the interviewer asked, "Why do mountain climbers risk their lives to climb mountains?"

The guide responded, "It is obvious that you have never been to the top of the mountain."

Many people ask us why we want to be youth pastors, thinking that all we do is play games and eat pizza. For the ones who believe that this is the case, it is obvious that they have never been to the top of the mountain.

They have never had the opportunity to:

  • Have a student call or text them to ask if they can give your books to a friend.
  • Read through the Bible with a student and see God's Word become real to them.
  • See students get excited about bringing their friends to Christ.
  • See a student put his or her faith in Christ for salvation.
  • Watch a student open up and step out of their comfort zone.

These are all the reasons you and I are called to youth ministry. This is why we climb the mountain.

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