Sunday, March 3, 2013

SYMC General Session #1 - Greg Stier

One of the amazing things about being at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference is the General Sessions that take place twice a day. There is a keynote speaker, a worship band, and other cool things that take place. The first night of the conference, the General Sessions was incredible. The worship was led by Shane and Shane and it was powerful beyond words. There was a skit done by the Skit Guys and they had the audience both laughing and (well, at least in my case) crying. Greg Stier spoke on prayer and Propaganda did a number of songs that blew everyone away. Here are the notes I took from Greg Stier’s message on prayer.
  • Revival will start with us on our knees.
  • Too many times we pray like wusses.
  • Jesus was always escaping ministry opportunities to spend time in prayer.
  • The Lord’s Prayer is not a liturgical reference; it is a guide to effective prayer.
    • Praise - approach God with intimacy and awe
    • Request - start with God’s list, not ours. Ask for His kingdom to come.
    • Admit - pray for the removal of the sin that is keeping you from God
    • Yield - yield fully to God and ask Him to lead us.
  • Make prayer the engine of the train, not the caboose.
Finally, here are three highlights from the first session.
  1. Shane and Shane leading almost 3,000 youth workers in “10,000 Reasons.” It was incredible.
  2. The Skit Guys doing their skit on prayer. As I said, it was funny, but it was also a punch in the gut.
  3. Greg Stier had all of the attendees in the room stand and pray at once for personal revival. We did this as loud as possible. I had tears running down my cheeks.
Overall, the first session was incredible. As Jason Ostrander said, it felt like the finale, but things were just getting started.

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