Monday, July 15, 2013

The Gospel According to Candy Crush

Are you familiar with the game Candy Crush?  Sadly, I am.  I’ve been playing this ridiculous game for way too long and not really getting anywhere.  For those of you unfamiliar with the game, it is a free game where you attempt to match colored candies in order to complete tasks.  The first levels are pretty simple and easy to get through, but as a player advances, the levels become increasingly more difficult.  Some are nearly impossible. 

To help players advance through these levels, the producers of the games have “power-ups” that can be purchased.  Candy Crush is the top grossing game on iPad and iPhone.

When I was growing up, my Christian faith was similar to Candy Crush.  I was told that I could accept salvation for free, but, after that, there were all sorts of things I had to do to keep progressing.  I had to read my Bible so many times per week.  I had to witness to so many people.  There were all these things that I had to do or I wasn’t a good Christian.  I remember being told in college that I should read my Bible for an hour day or I wasn’t in the “will of God.”

The Gospel doesn’t work that way.  There is nothing that I need to do that will make God love me more.  I don’t have “buy” advancement into the Kingdom.  I read my Bible, go to church, and witness because I want to grow closer to God, not because it makes Him love me more.

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