Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book Review - Altar Ego by Craig Groeschel

Craig Groeschel is a great writer. I don’t think I can say that he is one of my favorite authors, but I do enjoy reading his books. He is quite prolific as well, having written Soul Detox, The Christian Atheist, and Weird. The newest book that I’ve read of his is Altar Ego.

Altar Ego is a book that seeks to introduce the reader to his identity in Christ. Too many believers are mired in thinking they are something other than what God has called them to be. I know that I struggle with this issue from time.

Like many of Groeschel’s book, Altar Ego is incredibly readable. Groeschel is a gifted communicator and he writes just like he speaks. For anyone who has heard Groeschel preach, you can pick up on his patterns and flow as you read the book. Matt Chandler’s The Explicit Gospel was very similar in this manner.

While I enjoy reading Groeschel’s books, I don’t think this is one of my favorites. It was not quite as accessible to me and not quite as easy to follow. I appreciate his take on this subject, but I believe that Mark Driscoll’s Who Do You Think You Are? does a better job of communicating the message.

Overall, I would suggest that this book be read, but it is not as groundbreaking as some of Groeschel’s previous material. There were some great illustrations (I especially enjoyed the story about praying in the grocery store), but this does not seem to have the same power as his previous books.