Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stuff Youth Pastors Like: Getting to Preach in "Big Church"

For most youth pastors, we felt the call to ministry because of preaching. We love to stand up and deliver a message from God's Word. It is an incredible and humbling task, one that is very exciting and deeply draining. We are standing in front of the congregation as the spokesperson of God.

But, for most of us, that happens very rarely. I am the youth pastor. My ministry is to the teenagers and the children. Most Sundays, I am in Children's Church, dancing and jumping and playing games. But then, it happens! I get the nod from the pastor, like a big league call up from the minors. I get to preach in Big Church!

When I get to preach in Big Church, I pull out the big guns. I use my best illustrations and go for broke on the text. Of course, as a youth pastor, I am legally obligated to preach from 1 Timothy 4:12 at least once a year. I think it is in the church bylaws.

My next opportunity to preach in Big Church will be December 30, 2012. I've already started working on my sermon and my Logos Bible Software is getting a workout, helping me get some great stuff.

How often do you get to preach in Big Church?

Here is a video of me preaching in Big Church. This is not at my current church, but it is me preaching, so I'm pretty sure it fits.


  1. Okay, the video of my ordination service. Not sure what the issue is. I'll attempt to fix it later.

  2. Nice. And I'll second the 1 Tim 4:12 reference....a perennial favorite!