Saturday, December 15, 2012

Darkness on a Beautiful Day

During a typical day, I will check the news from time to time on the Drudge Report. Early in the morning, I saw a link to an article about a school shooting. I looked at it briefly, but then went about the rest of my day, not knowing the devastation that had taken place.

As details began to come out, it became more and more apparent that this was more than just a typical story, not that a school shooting is ever typical. This event was evil beyond the scope of imagination.

As I heard details, I wept, but quietly because I didn't want my students to know what was wrong. I wanted them to have no idea that evil of such a magnitude exists in the world. These children aren't even my flesh-and-blood, but I felt an instinctive desire to protect them. I know they probably found out about the tragedy when they went home, but for the time they were with me, I wanted them to believe that the world was safe.

I have never prayed for Jesus to come back. I know that we should and I am certainly looking forward to when Christ returns. I want to grow old with my wife. I want to see my children grow and become godly men and marry beautiful wives. However, yesterday the prayer of my heart was "Come quickly, Lord Jesus." I couldn't get any more words out.

I was not personally involved with the tragedy in Connecticut. I have never been to Connecticut and don't know if I ever will. We were all profoundly affected by yesterday, just as many of us were profoundly affected by the Columbine shooting many years ago. It was a sudden and jarring reminder of sin and the devastation that it brings.

People, we need to pray. We need to pray for peace and healing to come to the families devastated by the shooting. We need to pray for everyone involved and the toll that this is taking on them. We need to pray for each other. Most importantly, pray that Jesus will come and restore our world. We need it and we need it more than ever.

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