Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Kind of Youth Pastor Can't Play Guitar?

I really need to play my guitar more. I used to love playing guitar. My best friend, Terry, taught me to play a few chords and we jammed together all the time. Terry is quite talented, so it was awfully kind of him to tolerate my shortcomings musically. He even let me borrow his guitar when I went back to college so that I could continue to learn and practice.

Over the years, I learned to play a number of songs, including a few songs by the Foo Fighters, Soul Asylum, and Oasis. I also really enjoyed playing MxPx and Huntingtons songs, but they sounded funny on an acoustic.

Then, for some reason, I just stopped playing. I still have the guitar in my room, but it is covered with dust. I sold my first guitar, then my electric guitar, but I kept the good one. I really need to pick it back up and get busy.

Maybe it is because I can't sing that well that I don't play. Maybe it is the fact that four kids makes finding time to play a bit difficult. Whatever the excuse, I need to start playing again. Maybe I'll do that next year.

I have to fulfill that stereotype, right?

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