Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chapter Notes - Who Do You Think You Are: Chapter 9

The ninth chapter of Who Do You Think You Are by Mark Driscoll is called "I am Heard." This chapter, using Ephesians 3:14-21 as its basis, deals with prayer.

Driscoll uses the acronym PRAYER to list out and detail six principles about prayer. While there is too much in the chapter to describe here, allow me to share the acronym with you.

  • Prayer is Personal.
  • Prayer is Relational.
  • Prayer is Asking.
  • Prayer is Yearning.
  • Prayer is Expecting.
  • Prayer is Revealing.

Prayer has become a huge part of my life as of late. I prayed a good deal when I was a youth pastor, especially for my youth group. I pray a lot now that I am no longer a youth pastor, while I am seeking the right church to minister in. Prayer is vital to the Christian's walk and it is incredibly comforting that, for those of us in Christ, we have a God who hears us.

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