Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Review: Love Does by Bob Goff

I recently finished reading Love Does by Bob Goff. My wife and I first heard of Bob Goff while listening to a Catalyst podcast on the drive home from graduation at Liberty University. He and his friend, Donald Miller, were talking about writing the book and the adventure that went into it.

Love Does is not so much a story as it is a collection of stories. Bob has had quite the life and he recounts many of his adventures in the book. My favorite stories include how he got into law school, the young man who wanted to use his house and boat to propose to his girlfriend, and the giant Valentine he made for the girl he was pursuing.

The part of the book that was a bit off for me was Bob's attempt to tie all of his adventures to some sort of Jesus moment. This was done as a means of application, but, at least in my opinion, not all of them fit. I did think it was great that Bob was attempting to see God's hand in all that he did.

If you are a fan of Donald Miller's writing style, you will see much of that in Bob's book. I recommend that you get a copy of it. It is not overly spiritual and will probably not change how you look at God, but the stories are pretty awesome. They might just cause you to do something incredible.

Here is a video of Kid President interviewing Bob Goff. It's pretty awesome!

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