Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stuff Youth Pastors Like - Lecrae

There is a crazy trend among youth pastors. It involves their love for rap music, particularly rap music created by the new scene of Christian rappers. These rappers include Propaganda, Tedashii, Trip Lee, and the king of them all, Lecrae.

Lecrae has blown up all over the place. His music has been endorsed by Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow. His album, Gravity, was named one of the top hip hop albums of 2012. It's pretty sweet, by the way.

Lecrae has appeared at conferences around the country. He has done songs with a number of Christian artists, including the David Crowder Band. Lecrae might be the first rapper that I have ever seen to be endorsed by John Piper.

Despite all of his success, Lecrae is one of the most humble guys I have ever seen. He is not about promoting himself or selling his own records. Every time I have seen him perform, Lecrae's goal is to point others to Jesus. He realizes that he is a crooked stick, a tool in the hands of the Maker. Wow!

As a youth pastor, you are legally obligated to own at least one Lecrae album. I own four of them, making me cooler than anyone who doesn't have any. Start with Gravity. It will blow your mind. Rebel is one of my favorites as well.

Here is a video of Lecrae's performance at Passion 2013.

So, how many Lecrae songs do you know?

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