Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stuff Youth Pastors Like: Hoping For a dc Talk Reunion

The album that changed my life was Jesus Freak by dc Talk. It absolutely blew my mind. Every song was incredible and I wore out my copy. The tour to support the album was incredible as well. I've been to a bunch of concerts and, outside of Dave Matthews Band in Charlottesville, it is still the best show I've been to.

A few years later, the guys from dc Talk released solo albums and they were really good. It was my hope that this was just a temporary bump, but then the hiatus started and continued indefinitely. Toby Mac released a bunch of albums and gets unlimited airplay on Christian radio. Michael Tait released two albums and then became a part of the Newsboys. Kevin Max released a number of independent records, made a movie where he did drugs and cheated on his wife before getting saved, and recently joined Audio Adrenaline.

With all of this moving and shaking in the music industry, youth pastors keep holding out hope that dc Talk will get back together. If they were to release a new album, it would certainly be the top-selling album...of all time.

So, here's my plan: stop buying Toby Mac's music. Honestly, it isn't that good anyway (just kidding). Don't buy the Newsboys (they are good, but seriously, can Michael Tait ever really pull of "Breakfast" or "Shine"?). And, whatever you do, no matter how good the new Audio Adrenaline single is, don't buy their new album. Boycott all non-dc Talk music. This will cause record sales to slide and they will be forced to get the group back together.

This could seriously work.

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