Monday, January 7, 2013

Goals for 2013 - Read as Much Scripture as Possible

Continuing my discussion of my 2013 goals, I decided that I will read as much Scripture as possible. Last year I set a goal of reading over 3,000 chapters of Scripture. This year, I am not setting a goal.

I love to read the Bible. I love digging into God's Word and discovering how the story of God's redemptive plan plays out. The more of the Bible I read, the more I see how the pieces fit together.

The reading "plan" that I have used in the past and will be using this year is the Grant Horner Reading Plan. This reading plan is intense (10 chapters a day in 10 different locations), but it is an incredible experience. The thing I like the best is that there is no schedule to the plan. You can read at your pace without worrying about falling behind or getting into a hole.

If you decide to do this reading plan, be warned that you will develop a strong understanding of the Bible. You will read a number of different passages, many of them multiple times. You will begin to see how all of the writing flows together. And, if you tire of reading some passages multiple times, there are a number of sites online that offer modifications to the program.

What are you using to read Scripture this year?


  1. I've just heard about this reading plan. Is it really that good? I would think that one would get really confused in reading some many different chapters in one sitting.

  2. To be honest, I haven't gotten into yet this year. I did it for most of last year and loved it. Reading 10 chapters a day can be a bit of a strain, but I really loved the way that it opened up the Scriptures and showed me how passages went together. Reading this much and from so many different places really unites the Scripture. I highly recommend giving it a try.