Friday, January 11, 2013

Can I Still Be a Pastor Without a Church?

It has been a tumultuous couple of days. On Monday, I was asked to resign from my position as Associate Pastor for Children and Youth at Charles Town Baptist Church. While this was not entirely a surprise, it came out of nowhere and hurt like the dickens.

I have no desire to go into all of the gory details of what led to this point, nor do I wish to point fingers or place blame on anyone. What happened happened and what was said was said. I am sure that everyone involved in the situation would like to do things differently and pray for a better outcome.

That brings me to my question: Can I still be a pastor without a church? I am currently a flockless leader. Looks kind of bad, doesn't it? My wife and I are regrouping and praying about what the future holds for us. We are beginning to look at some possibilities, but mostly we are trusting God to take us in the right direction.

I am saddened and I am hurt by what took place. As I said, I am certain that everyone who had a part in my resignation would like to do things differently. Unfortunately, we cannot change the past; we can only work toward the future. I am taking solace in the fact that God is sovereign and this "bump in the road" was not a surprise to Him.

I would ask that you pray for my wife and children. The boys are taking it a bit hard because they are not going to see their Sunday School teachers or friends anymore. My wife is hurting, not understanding how something like this could be allowed to happen. However, we are resolute and refuse to allow a snag of this nature to prevent us from serving God.

Thanks everyone!

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